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Blue nights, stirred emotions
Angry voices, jealous curses
Mind pounds out of time from heart
It’s running through, the answer’s clear
Past decisions bleeding true
To cover, mask and show true face
Hollow tears drown my desolate resolve
Backward steps on deadend pathways
People, persons
Black of self-taught exhaustion
Forceless torture on helpless realization.

Separate connection, flooded responses
Overflowed in idealism and
Heart tightens in continuous darkness
Deprived of options, sheltered on sharp edges
To resonate, to not resolve
To domesticate, to contain
To feel, to die.

A hurt course coupled with troubled pleasures
Touching thoughtless propositions
Isolated in concrete islands of separation
Past ghosts of kiting souls and
Hopeful state of purpose
Trialing pain of cut-throat avenues.

A torched heart and frightened questions
Dark pleasures
Taken proper ideals and misery signals
Clear visions of confusion
Artful dodging, the life of the free
Lost spaces of hope between connection
A thirst for want
Intelligence to detriment
Monotonous exterior radiates my relentless core
It ticks - Explode.

Can’t find heart, warmth
Please find your place.

Wading above the intake
Taken with steps of angry disposition
Heartache through failure
Perfect sections of misplaced disclosure
Together un-owned
Half-measures of reality
Tremouring the lines of love
Dispatching of the mind in trust
Terror shines to follow ruin
The ritual of defiance, encloses the business of quality
Navigate my enriched profession
And strength withdrawn of forgiving traffic
A path divides from emptied resolve
The lonely sound of flowing blood
A sad risk and distant belonging
No spiritual honesty
Unbridled consent clarifies a subtle infatuation
An unknown movement provides forever inclusion.


Trent G

Many a door was open to me as “Mirikai” as the “Key”.
I discovered 191 West Burleigh rd, to my achievements of what could be.
I found that I had choices
Life has much to give if only we are wise enough to stick with “Mirikai” as there program was the best decision for me.
Now that I have detoxed, my dreams can be fulfilled for me or she.

Jeremy Donovan

Somewhere in the depths of this world and creation
Lies a place of peace and of quiet elation
To venture there is a courageous feat
One which some are destined to repeat
If you manage to get and your fear starts subsiding
Your hidden away, where there is no hiding
When you are confronted a beast will arise
It reflects the unknown, which known, you despise
You feel scared and alone and re-arranged
But you’ve gained the wisdom and the courage to change
To survive in these depths is an endeavor
But its serenity should last you forever
A long time passes, you look around
It’s not Mirikai, its yourself that you’ve found

Kathryn Harris


Love is like a lump of gold
It’s hard to get and hard to hold
Of all the guys I’ve met
You’re the one I can’t forget

I do believe that god above
Created you for me to love
He picked you, from the rest
Because he knows I would love you best

I had a heart that once was true
And now its gone from me to you
So take good care of it as I have done
For now you have two and I have none

Once I get to heaven and your not there
I’ll wait for you by the golden stairs
And if your not there by judgment day
I’ll know you’ve gone the other way

So I’ll trade my golden wings
And other precious things
Just to prove my love so true
I’ll go to hell to be with you

Natasha Mangan