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YODA provides a flexible alcohol and drug outreach service in partnership with local youth agencies and programs. These services include 6 to 8 individual counseling sessions and educational early intervention programs.

YODA clients are young people aged 12 to 25 years residing in the Beenleigh to Coolangatta areas who are experiencing issues related to alcohol or drug use. Clients may be referred via a number of mental health and community services including Headspace, Gold Coast Youth Service, Youth Justice, Beenleigh Adult and Youth Service, ATODS and other services.

Clients should contact the relevant agencies to arrange a referral to our service or may contact GCDC on 55354302 or toll free 1300 55 0016.

This service offers 6 to 8 individual counselling sessions focusing on education and counseling. Additionally, YODA will provide group educational programs designed to increase knowledge and insight into substance abuse issues.

The aim of our service is to assist young people to develop an increased awareness into the maladaptive patterns that have a negative impact on their life, assisting the young person to reach their full potential.

YODA will provide a mobile service at a number of different youth oriented agencies from Beenleigh to Coolangatta.

Engage and build constructive working relationships with young people utilising a relevant and youth friendly approach.

Assist young people to explore strategies for harm and risk minimization, enhancing self efficacy and motivation to change.

Empower young people to make healthy and proactive decisions. Provide education about substance use and abuse and the impact they have on everyday life and functioning.

Provide an accessible and inclusive service, working collaboratively with young people and relevant agencies.

Support young people and provide a safe environment for young people.

The YODA program is free of charge.

The YODA program is funded by Queensland Health.