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The Young Family Support Program assists any parents (with younger children, whose ages may range from newborn up to early teens) experiencing alcohol and/or drug related problems, or a dual diagnosis (both drug/alcohol and mental health problems). The aim of the program is to provide these parents with individualised support (treatment / counseling) and group education, focusing on the addiction/mental health problem, as well as the impact this problem has on their families. Clients will better understand how to manage addiction/mental health problems in the family setting, thus reducing the impact these problems have on their families.

Generally, clients are parent’s who are looking for information and support to help them better understand how to manage addiction/mental health issues in the family setting. Clients can be referred from a range of sources including health, welfare and community organisations, or they may self-refer.

Clients should phone our Receptionist/ Advice Worker on (07) 5535 4302 to make enquiries about accessing the service.

This service offers individual counseling sessions as required, where the number of sessions will be decided upon by the client and the Young Family Support Program Worker.

Clients also attend the Group Education component of the Program, where they are able to share their experience and gain support and encouragement through the understanding of others who are experiencing similar concerns and problems. An active referral service takes place for those clients who also need highly specialist services eg: mental health.

The Young Family Support Program is based at the Gold Coast Drug Council, 191 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads, Qld.

This program is free of charge to clients.

The Program is funded by the Queensland Government Department of Communities.