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The Family Support Program assists family members, couples and partners as well as friends of young people with drug & alcohol related problems.

The Family and Friends Support Group is part of the Family Support Program and is an evidenced based psycho-educational program designed to help parents, carers and significant others learn to respond appropriately to the needs and behaviors of family members with substance abuse or co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders, and build stronger relationships with them. It is also a coping skills training program, consumer driven, which helps families learn to cope more effectively to support their loved one to learn to self-manage their illness/addiction and work toward their recovery.

Clients can access the service from across the community. Clients can be referred from a range of sources, including health, welfare, community organizations or may self-refer. Clients will include parents, carers and significant others.

Clients should phone our Receptionist/Advice Worker on (07) 5535 4302 to make enquiries about accessing the service.

Families are at the very centre of care representing one of Australia's most under recognized sources of support for the recovery process. Also, Families are often the strongest advocates for youth as well as their staunchest supporters.

More than anyone else, families understand that each child possesses unique strengths and abilities. It is these traits that can be the foundation of their incredible personal growth-socially, emotionally, and educationally. This is a 10 week program for Parents, Carers and Significant Others.

How can we, the parents, carers and significant others, of people with mental health, substance abuse or co-occurring disorders become part of the recovery process? What is our role? Surely not to simply stand back and hope that a treatment or medication is the total solution to the problem? We all know we have a part to play but what part is that? And, how can we rise above our fear and despair to bring hope and joy back into our lives?

The Family and Friends Support Program provides clear, concrete guidance to families to enrich their relationships whilst focusing on building mutual understanding and trust – even expressing love in situations where that love is sometimes difficult to convey.

The Family and Friends Program:
• promotes harmony, cooperation, sharing and a reverence for life,
• encourages healthy communication with the important people in our lives, and focuses on valuing and loving them more,
• is a program about listening more and being respectful of others feelings,
• encourages participants to take responsibility for their own actions and reactions to the events occurring in their life and developing the strength and resilience to set limits or boundaries around their own behaviors,
• empowers families to begin the process of healing & empowering others,
• and it can guide many out of reactive behaviors, such as unnecessary enabling and confrontations, self-righteousness and aggressive beliefs, re-uniting with their loved one(s) by developing thinking habits and behaviors which are more constructive and more creative than the ones they have been using.

It is a program about relationships. It is also a voyage of 'discovery' and presents a new way to understand our most crucial relationships: with parents and children, with friends and co-workers, and most importantly, to reconnect with our deepest sense of self.

With this increased knowledge and awareness – The Family becomes the catalyst for personal growth in others through developing greater resiliency in their own lives.

The Family and Friends Support Group takes place every Thursday night from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the Gold Coast Drug Council, 191 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads, QLD.

This Program is free of charge to clients.

The Program is funded by the Australian Department of Health & Ageing as part of the National Illicit Drug Strategy (NIDS).