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This program is part of the Queensland Drug Court Pilot Program and helps drug dependent offenders to deal with their addiction(s) by combining treatment services, correctional programs, and frequent drug testing, with supervision by the Courts.

Drug Court clients are non-violent offenders, who are referred on a suspended sentence undertaking an Intensive Drug Rehabilitation Order (IDRO) for a period specified by the Drug Court Magistrate. All potential clients are assessed by Queensland Health who refer the client to the Gold Coast Drug Council. An additional assessment then takes place to decide which particular Drug Court program the client is suited to.

Drug Court Day Therapeutic Community (T.C.), participants are individuals over 18 years old, which are subject to an Intensive Drug Rehabilitation Order (IDRO). This program provides case management; medical support; counselling; advocacy; court support; crisis intervention and social activities. Participants of the program are initially required to attend a regular living skills group with a gradual reduction in attendance as the participant progresses through the three-stage program.

The Day T.C. Program operates three days a week. Clients attend different days depending on how far they have progressed through the program. This program provides life skills groups; psychotherapy groups; creative therapies; relapse prevention and social activities.

As a client of the Day T.C., an individual treatment plan is tailored to individual needs and may comprise of counselling; court advocacy; transport and support; case reviews; case management; crisis intervention; family therapy; dual diagnosis education; support and treatment and referrals to other programs and services.

The Day T.C. Program takes a minimum of nine months to complete.

The Drug Court Day T.C. Program is based at 191 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads, Qld.

This program, funded by the Queensland Department of Health, is free of charge to clients.