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Flood assistance trip to Fresh Hope – January 2011

As its name describes Fresh Hope give opportunity and hope to young mothers who suffer from addiction and domestic violence. Fresh Hope is situated in an idyllic country setting out side Toowoomba; it has a great location and crisp bush feel. All good things have their down side and due to its proximity to the local creek and waterway Fresh hope was badly damaged by recent floods. Our Executive Director Mary Alcorn heard of their need for assistance and requested a team of 10 residents, ex-residents and staff to support the Fresh Hope staffing in the rebuilding of their fences and driveway, parking bay and road. The fences around the creek had been completely wiped out; the driveway and road had been eroded into gullies up to your knees; a parking bay needed rebuilding and a shed had been flooded and needed moving. It is amazing how much work an enthusiastic team of young men who are motivated by a desire to help others are able to complete.

After completing the tasks in 3 days, we even had time to erect posts for a new enclosure for them. The Fresh Hope managers seemed pleased with the outcome and repaid our workers in kind by arranging a game of squash, rides on their horse and motor bikes. Our volunteers also enjoyed a sunset swim in the local stream. We were also treated to a delicious supply of country cooking which provided plenty of energy to work on.

Fresh Hope’s difficulties gave our Mirikai Therapeutic community an opportunity to put addiction recovery principles of community first into action. All involved returned with a sense of achievement.