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In 2010 Gold Coast Drug Council Inc. were successful in their tender to establish a Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Cairns. Known as QDAC (Qld Drug and Alcohol Council). The residential facility is to be funded under the Dept. Health and Ageing (OATSIH), and will be a facility for 20-25 clients; and approx. 15 staff.

Once established, the treatment model will be designed on the basis of a Therapeutic Community in which the clients participate in a holistic residential treatment program, of 6-9 months duration, and then graduate to transitional housing. The program will be drug & alcohol free; clients will be drug tested 3 times a week to ensure a safe and drug free environment.

It is proposed that program activities will include educational and therapy groups; counseling; primary health care; cultural activities; literacy & TAFE activities; and chores/vocational/leisure activities such as gardening and horses. It is expected this project will take three to five years until it�s completion and it will add value to the lives of many Aboriginal and Torres Islander families in the Cairns region.