Gold Coast Drug Council Inc - PO Box 2655, Burleigh MDC QLD 4220 - Phone: (07) 5535 4302 - Fax: (07) 5576 2512

Executive Director
Mary Alcorn

Mary Alcorn is the Executive Director of The Gold Coast Council Inc. and has been working with the organisation for 20 years. As Executive Director, Mary has led the growth of the Gold Coast Drug Council Inc. into a dynamic and innovative organization, developing a wide range of new services over the last 10 years, supported by both State and Federal funding.

Mary actively participates in many industry related committees, some of which are:
• Chair of the Gold Coast Health Community Council
• Treasurer of Queensland Network of Alcohol & Drug Agencies
• Current member of the National Executive of the Australian Therapeutic Communities Association

Mary is the heart and soul of The Gold Coast Drug Council Inc. Her dedication and commitment has been relentless and unconditional during the past 20 years.